PCB Ballast Removal

Ballasts that contain PCB, or Polychlorinated Biphenyl, should be disposed of properly. Not only do they pose a health risk but they also harm the environment and can be very costly if not treated properly. These types of ballasts contain mercury and can impact health and the environment if not disposed of properly. Ballasts with PCB were very common until they were made illegal in 1979. There are over 250 million capacitors containing PCB still in service today.

Long term exposure to PCBs can cause severe health risks such as cancer and reproductive hazards. Other long term effects include liver damage, severe rash, and nervous system damage. Exposure to PCBs should not be taken lightly and a professional should be called to take care of the problem.

Key Environmental Services, Inc. can help with the removal of ballasts containing PCB. Do not try to remove these ballasts yourself, an expert is necessary. Our professionals have the experience and equipment to remove the PCB containing ballasts with no harm to you, your family, or employees. KES is a leader in the environmental field and has made a corporate commitment to assure clients of quality work, performed safely, within budget and on schedule. You can rest assured that your PCB ballast removal will be performed in a thorough and professional manner consistent with current industry standards.

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