Asbestos Removal

Asbestos, which is common in many buildings, is a heat-resistant mineral that is used in many fire-resistant and insulting materials. It can be woven into fabrics or can be spray-applied. Asbestos was also used in a type of ceiling called “popcorn” or “cottage cheese” ceiling. This was banned in the United State in 1978. Unfortunately the ban allowed contractors to use the rest of the product and it is since in houses built as late 1986.

As long as the asbestos does not become dislodged it does not pose a threat to humans. If the asbestos is loose in the air it can be inhaled which may cause asbestosis. Asbestosis is a serious condition which causes the lung tissue to scar and could lead to cancer. Asbestos is also the only known factor that causes malignant mesotheliamoa which is a cancer that affects the lung or abdomen tissue lining.

Since the effects of asbestos are very serious it is important to get it removed from your home or business. At Key Environmental Services, Inc, we provide the most beneficial methods and equipment for removing the asbestos from your home or business. Our crews are extensively trained to take care of each and every asbestos abatement process. KES is a leader in the environmental field and has made a corporate commitment to assure clients of quality work, performed safely, within budget and on schedule. You can rest assured that your asbestos removal job will be performed in a thorough and professional manner consistent with current industry standards.

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